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Grimbro Grimbro

A professional artist for over 15 years. I love all things horror and I love to draw monsters. I am in love with vibrant color and dark contrast. It allows my work to pop out to the viewer. I strive to achieve the same impact as old vintage horror posters and covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland respectively.


Grimbro - Frankenface

The Monster

Grimbro - The Monster

Die Die Die,my Darlin'

Grimbro - Die Die Die,my Darlin'

13 Nights Finale

Grimbro - 13 Nights 2007 Finale

The Creeper

Grimbro - The Creeper

Bloody Igor

Grimbro - Bloody Igor

Witchie Boo

Grimbro - Witchie Boo


Grimbro - Vampire

Planet Graveyard

Grimbro - Planet Graveyard

Lady is a Vamp

Grimbro - Lady is a Vamp

Mr Hyde

Grimbro - Mr Hyde

Death comes for us all

Grimbro - Death comes for us all

The Thing

Grimbro - The Thing


Grimbro - Medusa

Dead Pixels

Grimbro - Dead Pixels

Man or Monster?

Grimbro - Man or Monster?


Grimbro - Seriously

King Kong

Grimbro - King Kong


Grimbro - Godzilla


Grimbro - Chompers!


Grimbro - Phantom

Dr Cyclops

Grimbro - Dr Cyclops

Lil' Leatherface

Grimbro - Lil' Leatherface

Killer Klown

Grimbro - Killer Klown

They Live

Grimbro - They Live

Mars Attacks

Grimbro - Mars Attacks

Can't Breathe

Grimbro - Can't Breathe

Dr Lecter, I presume

Grimbro - Dr Lecter, I presume

Melancholy Monster

Grimbro - Melancholy Monster

Tar Man

Grimbro - Tar Man


Grimbro - Bub

Dr Tongue

Grimbro - Dr Tongue


Grimbro - Cheryl

Fulci Zombie

Grimbro - Fulci Zombie

Better to eat you with...

Grimbro - Better to eat you with...

Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man

Grimbro - Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man

Freddy Krueger

Grimbro - Freddy Krueger


Grimbro - Frankenstein


Grimbro - Michael

The Wolfman

Grimbro - The Wolfman

The Bride

Grimbro - The Bride


Grimbro - Dracula

Jason Vorhees

Grimbro - Jason Vorhees

The Mummy

Grimbro - The Mummy

The Phantom

Grimbro - The Phantom

The Creature

Grimbro - The Creature


Grimbro - Vampirella


Grimbro - Frankenskull

Zombie + Witch

Grimbro - Zombie + Witch

Witch Doctor

Grimbro - Witch Doctor

Big Bad Werewolf

Grimbro - Big Bad Werewolf

Kreepy Kustom Franken

Grimbro - Kreepy Kustom Franken

Graveyard Tramp

Grimbro - Graveyard Tramp

FreakShow Clown

Grimbro - FreakShow Clown

Young Frankenstein

Grimbro - Young Frankenstein


Grimbro - Cheshire

Halloween 1st Kill

Grimbro - Halloween 1st Kill

Jack Carver

Grimbro - Jack Carver

David Hartman Tribute

Grimbro - David Hartman Tribute

Head Dead Fred

Grimbro - Head Dead Fred

One Shoe

Grimbro - One Shoe


Grimbro - Lanky
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