Industrial Artifacts

Industrial Artifacts
Industrial Artifacts Industrial Artifacts

We scour the old mills, railyards and factories of this country in search of unique pieces that helped in Americas industrial revolution.

We hunt with the sole purpose of finding attention grabbing items for your home, office or shop.

Industrial Artifacts is located in the Western Chicago land area. We deal exclusively in industrial and vintage lighting, seating, benches, tables and other found objects. We have a 20,000+ Sq. Ft. facility with new items arriving every day. Industrial Artifacts specializes in repurposing cast iron artifacts that have been abandoned or forgotten about since the industrial age, and turn them into one-of-a–kind pieces that are unique and attention grabbing. These vintage industrial pieces are functional and growing in popularity. With our repurposed vintage industrial lighting, primitives, chairs, workbenches, and other industrial curiosities, you too can bring a piece of the Industrial age into your home, office, loft, or shop.
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