James Bonner

James Bonner
James Bonner James Bonner

Self-taught sculptor James Bonner was first inspired by the special effects artists of early eighties horror films. His youth was spent building monsters and zombie puppets in his parents' Michigan basement. Film and video classes at Michigan State University diverted him into an interest in writing and directing, where he won two student Emmys before graduating college. He wrote and directed a feature film and eventually moved to LA to continue pursuing his love of sculpting.

Sculpted portraiture is one of the most difficult art forms and Bonner embraces the challenge. He obsesses over capturing not just the features of a subject's face, but also the inner qualities that suggest life. Making a shape of clay seem to have internal thoughts is what drives him. Whether imbuing a monster with magnetism or a writer with their private thoughts, Bonner injects a vitality and realism into his work that the increasingly computer driven 3D rendering scene fails to convey.

In: Art, Sculpture
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