Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Jim Henson's Creature Shop

For more than half a century, the Jim Henson name has been synonymous with the creation of expressive and enduring characters. Innovation has been a hallmark ever since a teenage Jim Henson made the pioneering leap from the traditional hard materials of theater puppetry to the flexibility of fabric and foam, transforming the art form for the new medium of television.

Today, the skilled and dedicated team at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop continues to follow its founders’ lead with groundbreaking innovation, evolving with the effects industry by implementing practical puppet and animatronic techniques when appropriate while embracing the potential of digital effects.

So whether it be the soft puppets of Sesame Street, the on-stage creatures for Lady Gaga, or the digital characters of Sid the Science Kid, the long history of combining an extraordinary array of puppet making skills with cutting-edge animatronic and digital technologies positions Jim Henson’s Creature Shop as a leader in the field of character creation and effects.

In: Props, Sculpture, Special FX
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