Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori’s Latex Dreams
Kaori’s Latex Dreams Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Kaori Matsubara is a woman who is passionate about beautiful clothes, and the seductive feeling of latex in equal measure. Continually frustrated with the lack of variety in the design and fit of latex clothing, Kaori finally decided to take matters into her own hands. She vowed to create something different. Something ususual, something sophisticated. Something to flatter the figure- the figures of women who are not necessarily model sized!

After a series of successful fashion shows in London, Amsterdam, Athens and Tokyo, the interest in Kaori’s unique and beautiful creations began to grow, with orders flooding in from all corners of the world. Each piece is a couture creation, and can be anything from a simple skirt to an out-of-this-world latex wedding gown, cut to fit and flatter your body. Kaori’s designs are also renowned for comfort, something that is so important, and such a rarity in latex clothing. You can count on these pieces to feel like a delicious second skin.

In: Costumes, Erotic
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