KNB EFX Group began oddly enough with a late night phone call from my pal Scott Spiegel. We had just wrapped shooting on EVIL DEAD 2 not long before, and he was looking to direct a small direct-to-video film called INTRUDER. He had a few gags and wanted to know if I had the names of a few guys that would be willing to work for a credit and not much cash……the call didn’t last very long as I immediately said “I know just the guys!” Up to that point, Howard, Bob and I had been freelancing around town on films like MONKEY SHINES, FROM BEYOND, EVIL DEAD 2, ALIENS, CHILD’S PLAY, PHANTASM 2 and DEEPSTAR SIX. We were interested in doing our own projects but hit up against the old “how do we know you can handle your own show since you haven’t done your own show!” The answer was….."We can do it and have been doing it for other people……now it is for US". SOOOOOOOOOO while we toiled for other studios by day, we worked for Scott at night from mid February until the end of March 1988 creating the make-up effects for his film. Interestingly enough, the producer, Lawrence Bender, would later provide our introduction to Quentin Tarantino….and the rest they say is history! 800 movies and 25 years later we still work alongside the same people that inspired and support us!
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I Will Pray
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