Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie
Lady Lucie Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie creates beautiful, immaculate latex fashion. From clothing and lingerie to corsets and costumes, Lady Lucie specialises in elegant, glamorous and fun pieces that make the wearer look and feel beautiful.

Launched in 2006, Lady Lucie Latex challenged the tired silhouettes and unimaginative styles of classic fetish fashions with modern designs and high-quality creations. As a trained pattern cutter with a degree in fashion and textiles, Lady Lucie brings the principles of haute couture to fetish high fashion.

As a true ‘Glamazonian’, Lady Lucie knows all too well how frustrating it can be when clothes don’t fit exactly as they should. As a result she is a perfectionist when creating her designs and every item is made by herself and her assistant Claire to ensure impeccable quality.

Lady Lucie’s designs are exclusive and not sold by anyone else. Each item is handmade in the UK to the highest standard - meticulously constructed using the finest quality latex.
In: Costumes, Erotic, Pinups
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