Lisa Petrucci

Lisa Petrucci
Lisa Petrucci Lisa Petrucci

Some of you may already be familiar with my cute and kitschy paintings on wood. I call the pint-size characters and critters that populate my art, Kickass Kuties. The imagery I use is an extension of my personal and artistic sides – reflecting my love of retro pop culture and its accoutrements, but with a subversive edge. My art is both naughty and nice. I’m inspired by old toys, dolls, big eyed art, and mid-century collectibles, as well as pin-up art, vintage girlie magazines, and exploitation cinema. I surround my subjects with vintage decorative motifs like floral fabrics, trims, and old greeting cards, creating icons that celebrate femininity and the cult of cuteness. My paintings are an amalgamation of what I hold dear to my heart, from the colorful childhood memorabilia of days gone by to the saucy and sexy pin-up gals, nostalgia-fueled subcultures, and quirky collections that have captivated me over the years.
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