Los Angeles Horror Show & Music Fest

Los Angeles Horror Show & Music Fest
Los Angeles Horror Show & Music Fest Los Angeles Horror Show & Music Fest

A Horror/Sideshow/Vaudeville/Steampunk themed Music Festival mixed with talented Vaudevillian Entertainers inside a 2 story Hollywood prop fixed building “The Mansion” located at Haunted Hollywood Sports in city of Bellfower in Southern California. This show is a one of a kind Festival! Haunted Hollywood Sports also offers extended interactive mazes, adrenaline pumping interactive killhouses where you shoot the Zombies and Monsters, thematic terrifying scarezones, and many other sideshows and side attractions.

HHS has 2 Killhouses and 1 Shoothouse for 2014; the famous nerve-wrecking “Zombie Killhouse”, the cajun themed “Voodoo Killhouse” and the all new “Last Stand Shoothouse”. What makes a Killhouse different from a regular walk-through maze is that, instead of simply walking through, defenseless against the terrors throughout, we immerse you into a storyline, arm you with a loaded Airsoft gun, Paintball marker, or laser tag gun that you can use to defend yourself against any of the monsters located within each Killhouse. That’s right, for just a small additional fee per play, we give you the chance to actually shoot the attacking monsters. These Killhouses are extremely intense, can get physical, and not for the weak of heart. And no, the monsters wont be able to shoot back.

October 18, 2014 / $20-35 Get Tickets
Haunted Hollywood Sports / Bellflower, California View Map

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