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MageeFX has supplied services to the movie and music video industries as well as products for amusement parks and the Halloween industry.

MageeFX is operated by Patrick Magee. Ever since a very young age Patrick has always been fascinated with monsters. Huge influences on his monster making career have been An American Werewolf In London, Thriller, Aliens, And Predator. Patrick has the typical interests of most FX artists, he was always drawing, sculpting, and painting at a very young age. Having seen the making of THRILLER and realizing "that's how they do that," Patrick was hooked.

In 2001 Patrick started MageeFx and created a line of high-end movie quality props. From there work on small film projects started. Shallow Ground was one of the first films for MageeFX in 2003. It was a very low budget thriller with very demanding effects. It also gave Patrick his first Fangoria FX nomination for the annual chainsaw awards. Since then MageeFX has worked on several more films including Zombie Strippers with Robert Englund and What Just Happened With Robert Deniro.

Aside from film projects, MageeFX has also produced products for Universal Studios Hollywood (House of Horrors, Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas) and contributed fine-art projects for gallery showings for Daniel Martinez.
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