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Mark Noll Designs
Mark Noll Designs Mark Noll Designs

Mark Noll is a self-taught artist. He has been woodworking since he was 11 years old. He started Mark Noll Designs to combine his love of wood and art. His main product line is jewelry, but he also draws and creates unique relief carvings of pets which are available here.

Big Bold Jewelry is his trademark. Colorful Bangles and Pendants as well and ornately carved pieces. Mark believes that his Jewelry should make a statement and be noticed.

Mark is always looking to explore new designs and styles and many of these one of a kind carvings are not on the website, but he would be happy to send you photos of anything he has in stock or work with you on a custom design.

A lot of people ask Mark what his fascination is with skulls. It is something that either you get or you don’t. Mark has a background in art and took many anatomy classes. The skull is also the vessel for our brain, the center of our consciousness. It is a symbol of the temporary nature of our existence. Yes, Mark likes skulls and loves carving them.
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