Michael Gullbrandson

Michael Gullbrandson
Michael Gullbrandson Michael Gullbrandson

I’m a guy who loves creating art. It’s been a passion for me for as long as I can remember and no matter what I do in life, I always get pulled back into it. For me art is a gateway into other realms, more exciting and much more interesting than our own mundane everyday world. Anything can happen in these realms and they keep the magic alive within me. If I want to steal away for a little while, all I have to do is lift my pen and start drawing something. I believe creativity is one of the most important aspects in life. The ability to dream of things beyond ourselves and having the skill to act upon it. Whatever the artform, whether it be drawing and painting, or being able to compose music and to play musical instruments, writing, sculpting or you name it; these things are among the most fundamental principals in mankind, and I’m immensely grateful for having the skill to be able to do my part on the art scene.

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