Midnite Mausoleum

Midnite Mausoleum
Midnite Mausoleum Midnite Mausoleum

Your cuddly cadaver Marlena Midnite and her friends Wolfred, Franklin, Robyn, Grimms and Bones bring you a dose of Horror and Sci Fi cinema... and a few laughs as well!

A long time ago, Marlena had a plan to be a star... but fate seemed to have other plans, or did it? As she had no known family, a standard autopsy was preformed and her body was to be donated to science...however upon meeting the grim reaper who was suppose to ferry her soul to the other side, Marlena used her “Gift of gab” to persuade him that if he “let her slide, this one time” she would happily make him as famous as she was going to be before her untimely demise. The reaper, being accustom to hearing things like this from cadavers being as most of them had little to no brain left, glossed it over and tried to ignore it but there was something different about this one and so he reluctantly agreed, but with a set of rules of his own. The grim reaper escorted Ms. Midnite to her new digs (which happen to be an abandoned mausoleum) and informed her she could do what ever she wanted as long as no one figured out she was actually dead.

So with that in mind she set to work making herself some servants and friends from whatever she could find laying around. After a couple decades of hard work no one could even tell Marlena was undead as long as she kept her scar covered, and over the years it has gotten easier and easier to blend in, especially with the ever growing popularity of tattooing. So now armed with the friendship of 3 puppets Wolfred (Marlena's main partner in crime who is a were-pire or vam-wolf, a sassy pitcher plant who is stuck in the 1970's along with his family, her cobbled together zombie monster Franklin, and her best friend who travels the open road when ever she needs a "break", and a new lease on life (LITERALLY!) she has set out to make her mark on the world! After nearly 100 years everything has seemingly come together finally as the widely acclaimed television program “Midnite Mausoleum” is being featured on WQAD My TV 8-3 and chronicles the wacky adventures of Marlena, Robyn, Wolfred, Franklin, and the Charley family as they watch whatever movies they can find and eat their own weight in popcorn in nearly every episode!

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