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Mike Bell

A true lowbrow painter, Mike paints illusionistic as well as cartoony, sometimes with a hazy distinction. The out come is a world where the weird is wonderful and the inhuman is alive.

The Wedding

Mike Bell - The Wedding

We Can Build It

Mike Bell - We Can Build It

A Live Wire

Mike Bell - A Live Wire

Beauty Revealed

Mike Bell - Beauty Revealed

Bat Man

Mike Bell - Bat Man

Birth of the Bride

Mike Bell - Birth of the Bride

Made for Each Other

Mike Bell - Made for Each Other


Mike Bell - Heartbreaker

I Am Not A Creep

Mike Bell - I Am Not A Creep

Jack Celebrates the Dead

Mike Bell - Jack Celebrates the Dead

Looking for Monster Love

Mike Bell - Looking for Monster Love

Amorous Libation

Mike Bell - Amorous Libation

I Never Drink Wine

Mike Bell - I Never Drink Wine

Melancholy Monster

Mike Bell - Melancholy Monster

Marilyn Noir

Mike Bell - Marilyn Noir

Bride Cocktail

Mike Bell - Bride Cocktail

Swarmy Extraordinaire

Mike Bell - Swarmy Extraordinaire

Count Knievel

Mike Bell - Count Knievel

Erie Rider

Mike Bell - Erie Rider

I Put a Spell on You

Mike Bell - I Put a Spell on You

Eat Me Drink Me

Mike Bell - Eat Me Drink Me

Broken Hearted

Mike Bell - Broken Hearted

Mistress of the Dark

Mike Bell - Mistress of the Dark

Man in Black

Mike Bell - Man in Black


Mike Bell - Pow!

Comic Strips

Mike Bell - Comic Strips

Bride Ink

Mike Bell - Bride Ink www.belldogstudio.com
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