Mike Hill

Mike Hill

Mike Hill is a world renowned portrait sculptor and artist. Originally from Warrington, England, Mike now lives in Los Angeles, CA. His career spans more than 20 years, and covers everything from garage kits to life-size figures; British television to Hollywood films.

In addition to private commission work, Mike has worked for companies such as the Franklin Mint, Sideshow Toys, DC Comics, Dynamic Forces and Tussauds Waxworks.

Mikes work has been featured in magazines such as “Amazing Figure Modeler” and “Makeup Artist Magazine”, has been highlighted on “The Girls Next Door” and the “KTLA Morning News”, and been featured on CNN.com and the The LA Times.

While he has carved a niche in the horror genre, Mike also ventures into the world of Comic Books, Superheroes… and beyond.

In: Art, Sculpture
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