The 1960s were a decade of Classic Universal Monster Kids and Hot Rodding Rat Fink Kustomizers.

Both of these groups' interest in things outside the "norm" led to an explosion of creativity and a massive output of art, toys, model kits, magazines, trading cards and more, that were eagerly consumed by an entire generation of adoring monster fans all over the world.

Monsterfink celebrates this unique period in 1960s American culture and its influence that continues to this day.

Come join us for Monsterfink FUN in the gallery at Creature Features, Burbank’s premiere home for movie, television, and pop culture art and memorabilia.

Contributing artists include: Ally Cat, Art Fuentes, Ben Dragdaddy, Ben Montes, Ben Von Strawn, Bob Lizarraga, Brady Willmott, Brian Romero, Britt Madding, Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Casey Wong, Cass Junkhauler Mcclure, Chad Norman, Chad Scheres, Chop Monster Farm, Chuck Kelley, Craig Clark, Chris Buentello, Chris Mason, Christine Benjamin, Chuck Majewski, Dane Brown, Dan Collins, Dan May, Dan Szczepanski, Dave Burke, Dave Savage, Dj Rabiola, Doug P'gosh, Doug Waterfield, El Gato Gomez, Eric Eggie Foust, Eric Pigors, Eric Swartz, Frank Dietz, Fulton Beal, Hot Rod Jen, Kali Fontecchio, Keith Weesner, Ken Daly, Ken Mitchroney, Ken Morgan, Koji Okada "Vinny", Kozue Sasaki "Kowelly Town", Jamie Jaybob Stringer, James Mcleod, Jason Janes "3 Sheets", Jeff Rebner, Jeremy Gullotto, Jimbo Phillips, Jonathan Bergeron "J.Crap", Mark Harmon, Mark Thompson, Matt Reese, Mazooma Mike Babbel, Mike Lemos, Mike Regan, Nate Greco, Nathan Sheahan, Nesshead, Nicolas Meunier "Absurd Toys", Norman Cabrera, Odd Rodney Mclellan, Patrick Owsley, Pedro Vargas, Peter Gustafsson, Philippe Tilikete, Richard Taylor, Rick Farley, Rick Goldschmidt, Rick Lucey, Ryan Grindstaff, Sam Gambino, Sol Rac, Stephen Sandoval, Steve Nazar, Takahiro Tsuda "Knuckle", Thomas Fernandez, Tim Polecat, Todd Robey, Tony Squindo, Trapper Shatney, Von Franco, William Stout, Zach Bellissimo and more to be added!

And join the party outside for some way-out hot rods, live music by BOSS FINK and more surprises!

Saturday, August 30 at 3:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
Creature Features / Burbank, California View Map
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