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The Gypsy, Vadoma, travelled with confidence through the Carpathian Mountain Range, onward to an unchartered territory with her precious gemstones and oils; her mother and sister as her only companions. The tiny caravan swiftly moved through the mountainous passages…where this little troupe would arrive was written only in the cards.

This journey has been in Vadoma’s dreams for almost a quarter of a century and she knew it was her destiny. This precious rich legacy began hundreds of years earlier; an ancient Romanian legend, some say that began with the village witches who coConjured powerful potions, melted and mixed pungent herbs with just the right spices and fragrant aromas to create a perfect scent. Others say Vadoma’s ancestors were healers of the village, magicians called the Veduny, the Knowing Ones, who travelled in their caravans selling their precious wares. Vadoma would be no different as she carried on this rich tradition.
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