Delia’s Makeup & Theatrical Supplies

Delia's Makeup & Theatrical Supplies

Your local little shop of Horrors & Beauty! Proud Authorized Dealers of Ben Nye, Iwata, Skin Illustrator, Telesis, Smooth-On, Wolfe-Fx, Kryolan, Fleet Street Bloodworks & more!

We have blood on tap, gallons of blood! Any color or thickness you need for your film. We make it at the shop, do custom orders and can answer any questions you may have about how to make your blood effects work! We can teach you stuff, sell you stuff, talk shop and have a good time! Stop on in for some professional weirdness.
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Copper Zoetrope

Copper Zoetrope

Vision phantasm from chariot of doktor Parnassus! Old-time designed, classical magic drum, 4-band paperfilm phase ribbons in special giftbox.

Zootrop, Daedalum, Wundertrommel, Wheel of Life. That device is the the Zoetrope produces the illusion of motion. It consists of an open cylinder with slits cut vertically in 11-13 which spins around the sides and central axis. On the inner surface of the cylinder is a band with stills, sequences on it. When the cylinder Spins and the user looks through the slits at the pictures watching on the opposite side of the cylinder's interior, based on the Succession of the rapid handling of still images the brain produces the illusion of movement.

$247 @ Manufaktor
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The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden

Behind the locked gates of the Poison Garden, guides share tales of deadly plants. Myths and legends are uncovered, along with facts from science and history.

It's not often that the Home Office becomes involved with plants in the setting of a public garden, but in this instance a number of the 'inmates' have to have their very own license in order to be there at all.

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Alnwick Castle / Alnwick, Northumberland, United Kingdom View Map
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