Raxfox Design

Raxfox Design
Raxfox Design Raxfox Design

For a decade, we deal professionally with the subject furniture design. This passion led in 2011 to the establishment of Raxfox. Since we offer our customers handmade furniture with an individual note. Our company has developed since our launch healthy and has grown well. From initially just a few dance wardrobes, a large collection has now become, which offers something for everyone, standing on curved and gorgeous furniture. From a small cabinet to complete loading exhibition you can get from us everything you want. Here, you can choose from our various product lines or you can realize in close consultation with us your product presentations. We produce dreamy fairytale furniture in the cottages, rustic style with our offer, for example, can even extend to the Dark Wonderland line. We want to enchant you. Our furniture is to open your doors to a whole new world of dreams and inspire your imagination in your own home. Our products holds any amount of attention to detail. From the initial design to the finished piece of furniture, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and are made with passion and craftsmanship. And if you want to make you a very personal impression of our product range, then you have to fairs, scene relevant pop-up stores or of course here on our website the opportunity. We deliver our curved Wohnträume throughout Europe and supply customers in the US and Canada.

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Aaron Klopp

Aaron Klopp
Aaron Klopp Aaron Klopp

Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a passion to create. My drawings started out as doodles featuring my own characters traveling through time and battling Frankenstein, or Godzilla fighting off the Hulk. I still find that raw enthusiasm in my illustration and graphic design work today. Be it print or web, illustration, design, or comic book, I find nothing more satisfying than being able to craft something new and intriguing when I get the chance.

After graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design from Winthrop University, I've been in the Charlotte, NC area ever since working as a Graphic Designer by day and Illustrator by night.

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Otto’s Shrunken Head

Otto's Shrunken Head
Otto's Shrunken Head Otto's Shrunken Head

A small group of native New Yorkers and one Pittsburghian got together in early 2002 and decided that New York City did not have a decent Tiki Bar since the demise of Hawaii Kai in Times Square and the destruction of Trader Vic's at the Plaza Hotel by Ivana Trump. They approached their friend and fellow Tiki afficianado/Club Owner Deb Parker (owner of Beauty Bar & Barmacy) about buying Barmacy and transforming it into New York City's own little Tiki oasis. Thus with her blessing and the blessings of all the South Sea Gods, Otto's Shrunken Head opened in the summer of 2002. The goal was to bring the laid back island vibe of the South Pacific to New York City. Manhattan is after all, an island.

Otto's is a new interpretation of the Tiki Bar, mixing traditional Tiki decor and potent rum based concoctions with live bands and DJs resulting in NYC's premier Rock-n-Roll Tiki joint.

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Scare Kingdom Scream Park

Scare Kingdom Scream Park
Scare Kingdom Scream Park Scare Kingdom Scream Park

The North West's top Halloween destination, voted UK Top Rated Scream Park in 2013, offers guests a unique and seriously twisted journey combining live scareactors, special effects and heart-pumping thrills, across six all-new scare attractions and experiences.

Following 5 years of terror, Scare Kingdom Scream Park has been seized by The Ministry of Fear for the 2014 Halloween season. This covert underground organisation has a manifesto to eradicate the weak among humanity, using fear itself as their weapon. Only the bravest shall survive and join The Ministry’s ‘Elite’ new world order.

Get banged up inside The Oubliette, for an appointment with the Minister of Fear and a Scare Kingdom style welcome to the park. Take a snaking trek in total darkness, where The Slenderman’s faceless minions fester among the corn-less husks in The Clonefields. It’s dog eat dog, as you’re processed into the world’s most infamous penitentiary, Hellcatraz, chaotic and unique black and white nightmare... Visit the house that should never have been built, and won’t stay dead as the vengeful sorceress Tituba, and The Sisters of The Black Flame weave a web of dark magic over the manse, luring unwary mortals into Manormortis Covenstead where darkness falls. Break into the secret vault of the monstrous psycho-genius Volka Schlachten, and crawl through the trap infested abomination known as the Human Zoo, and endure the UK’s sickest attraction re-imagined in Psychomanteum: Deeper Treatment (additional charge), a personal sensory-deprived psychosexual scare experience set in an all-new seriously twisted correctional facility, alone...

Meet Big King Dickie, the 'Shake-scare-ean' King, along with the sinister spirit medium Penny Dreadful, and her creator - the ghost writer William Strange. Recover in our licensed Brouhaha Bar, and take home a sick souvenir framed photograph or key-ring from our Scare Booth so you never forget your visit.

Tickets: £15 Get Tickets
Hawkshaw Farm, Lancashire UK View Map

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Frankenstein Labs

Frankenstein Labs
Frankenstein Labs Frankenstein Labs

Frankenstein Labs is owned and operated by Dr Victor Karlosi and his small staff of underfed lab assistants...the place to find Frankenstein props along with great prices on human skeletons and reproduction human skulls (budget skulls and 1st quality skulls). We also create many scary props that are hand crafted right here in our Morristown NJ Laboratory workshop. In fact, we have all sorts of things in jars.

We are now creating an array of madd scientist laboratory props. Keep in mind that this is not Martha Stewart, and some of our creations may be somewhat disturbing, if not in bad taste. We hope you will enjoy scrolling through our shelves!

All our items are meant to last for years with customer delight as our number one objective.

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Ken Hertlein

Ken Hertlein
Ken Hertlein Ken Hertlein

Ken Hertlein is a LA based special makeup effects artist trained by the legendary Dick Smith with over twenty five years of professional experience.

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Haunted House of Rock – Whodini

Haunted House Of Rock - Whodini
Haunted House Of Rock - Whodini Haunted House Of Rock - Whodini

Welcome to the place where all the creatures meet. The last building to your left on a dead-end street. You'll find skeleton bones outside on the pavement. And torture chambers down in the basement. I hope I see you tonight!

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