Pumpkin Sculpt USA

Pumpkin Sculpt USA
Pumpkin Sculpt USA Pumpkin Sculpt USA

Pumpkin Sculpt USA is owned and operated by Andy Gertler of Travel Channel’s Sand Masters TV Show. This year Pumpkin Sculpt USA has had the privileged of teaming up with professional sculptors Sue Beatrice and JL Cook to further grow our business and now offers a wider range of pumpkin sculpts for any occasion.

Andy Gertler is a professional sculptor who specializes in the ephemeral arts. He has traveled the world, working with a variety of different elements including, sand, ice, snow and most recently, pumpkins. Gertler has been working professionally for various sand sculpture companies for over 10 years. In 2002, he started his own company, Sand Sculpt USA, wh ere he focuses on sculpting and team building for corporate, charity and private events. Gertler has worked with a wide range of different clients, including, Martha Stewart, Cablevision, Atlantis Resort Bahamas, Armani Exchange and Yahoo! Most recently Gertler has been cast as a member of the new Travel Channel reality TV show "Sand Masters" where he and five of his sand sculpting cohorts travel around the world creating sand sculptures for a various clients. Sand Masters currently airs Sunday nights at 7:00 pm on the Travel Channel.

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