Rigor Mortis Revue

Rigor Mortis Review

The Rigor Mortis Revue is a traveling horror/fantasy burlesque troupe bringing boobs, blood and adventure to the east coast and beyond. The RMR was founded in 2008 by a group of blood soaked crazies that knew the value of blood, guts, tits and ass all working as one.

The RMR family is a band of different kinds of artists and entertainers that all enjoy using there assorted talents to bring something erotic and shocking to the stage for your eyes to feast on. Our performers are only the most deadly of dancers; they are creative and fearless, never letting you turn your eyes away from the stage even if it means they have to staple your eyes open. RMR has performed at venues of all kinds; bars, conventions, night clubs and even in your mothers living room.

In: Attractions, Burlesque, Erotic
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