Sally’s Song Dolls

Sally's Song Dolls

Creepy, bloody...and sweet dolls (and other little treasures).

She climbed the stairs to the attic and found the dusty trunk covered by even dustier boxes. She moved them apart and lifted the heavy lid making an effort with her tiny little girl arms.

It was empty except for an old doll that was cornered in the background, hiding from the outside world that refused her. The little girl stretched her arms as long as she could and reached the doll.

She watched the doll for a moment,looked into her eyes and said,"I can read the story you hide under your cracked skin. You are full of sadness, anger ... fear. You were hidden here because fear is what they felt when seeing you ... but you're beautiful."

She hugged her, and when she had cried with her, she whispered to her porcelain tiny ears, "I'll protect you ... I'll give you the life they took away, show the world your dark beauty and tell your story... whatever it is."
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