Somnia Romantica

Somnia Romantica
Somnia Romantica Somnia Romantica

Dark, romantic clothing and accessories inspired by history.

Somnia Romantica is a one person fashion label by Marjolein Turin, based in the Netherlands. Under the name Somnia Romantica she designs and creates garments and accessories for evening life and special occasions. The pieces are inspired by history, often based on authentic patterns. They're adjust to own design and interpretation.

Inspirations are the Western world fashion history, dream scapes, Art Nouveau, Carnaval de Venice, gothic novels, Spanish dancing garments, nature, myths...

Another big part of the designs is lace. For the clothes of Somnia Romantica there is always a search for that one special piece of lace, lace trim, vintage lace etc. The aim of Somnia Romantica is to bring nostalgy, fashion history and (dark-) romantic dream scapes into modern society.
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