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Sylvia Ji

Possessing an artistic voice as unique as the times we live in, Sylvia Ji is at once contemplative, spiritual, enigmatic, and yet whimsically funny. Above all else, it is perhaps beauty that emerges as her defining characteristic, and her art reflects this: an extension of herself; a passionate appreciation of simple aesthetic pleasure fused with intimately complex subject matter.

Amor Eterno

Sylvia Ji - Amor Eterno

La Bendita

Sylvia Ji - La Bendita

Red Quechquemitls

Sylvia Ji - Red Quechquemitls

Panama Red

Sylvia Ji - Panama Red

Purple Crush

Sylvia Ji - Purple Crush

Black Domina

Sylvia Ji - Black Domina

Scarlet Rose

Sylvia Ji - Scarlet Rose

Green Catrina

Sylvia Ji - Green Catrina

Vow of Silence

Sylvia Ji - Vow of Silence

Te Adoro

Sylvia Ji - Te Adoro

Red Serape

Sylvia Ji - Red Serape

Delfina y Maria

Sylvia Ji - Delfina y Maria


Sylvia Ji - Untitled


Sylvia Ji - Guadalupe

Dona Dolorosa

Sylvia Ji - Dona Dolorosa

In the Arms of Sleep

Sylvia Ji - In the Arms of Sleep

La Madrina

Sylvia Ji - La Madrina

La Dama de Honor

Sylvia Ji - La Dama de Honor


Sylvia Ji - Immaculada

Red Quechquemitl

Sylvia Ji - Red Quechquemitl


Sylvia Ji - Marigold

Senora De Las Sombras

Sylvia Ji - Senora De Las Sombras

La Pelirroja

Sylvia Ji - La Pelirroja


Sylvia Ji - Catarina


Sylvia Ji - Tehuana


Sylvia Ji - Catarina

La Adelita

Sylvia Ji - La Adelita


Sylvia Ji - Blackout


Sylvia Ji - Untitled


Sylvia Ji - Guadalupe
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