Kinky Horror

Kinky Horror
Kinky Horror Kinky Horror

"What the Heck is Kinky Horror?"

I knew for sure was that I LOVED horror, and that I wanted to do something horror-iffic to share my love and excitement for the genre. I tried making this a straight up news site, but that proved no good because there are already 1,000,000 sites that cover that sort of thing better than I could ever begin to. I tried doing JUST You Tube-esque vids, but they all just seemed like really bad Elvira rip offs (all glory to the Mistress of the Dark!.

So, I figured, I don’t have to be no stinkin’ “beauty queen” to do any of that stuff. I have this lovely site sitting here waiting to be used, an intense passion to tell folks about all the horror-related stuff that makes me cream my panties, and a willingness to lose those panties at any time for the sake of entertaining the masses.

Without further ado (hopefully), I present you with a Kinky Horror site that is near and dear to my cold, black heart :) You may not agree with all of my opinions (not everyone thinks Prom Night 2 is the Citizen Kane of horror, I know), but my goal is to arouse you with my bewbs enthusiasm, so you’ll want to join me in my plight to keep Halloween alive 3-6-5, Alice Cooper Style!
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Zombos’ Closet

Zombos' Closet
Zombos' Closet Zombos' Closet

Zombos' Closet is a rather dark and cloying place (for a blog, that is), filled with untold treasures and just plain lousy stuff Zombos keeps stuffing into it. You remember Zombos, don’t you? He's the monsterkid in all of us, yearning to be scared and to scare. He pines for the old, less gory days, but secretly enjoys those zombies and slashers, and cool horror shows on television, that go far beyond what came before. Within these pages you will find all the horror to savor and detest, monster magazines to drool over, and assorted odds and ends that every monsterkid has stuffed into his closet at one time or another. Okay, sure, my closet to be precise is pretty well stuffed, too.
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Curious History

Curious History
Curious History Curious History

Curious History is here to entertain you with natural and human wonders both vintage and current.

The website Curious History is filled with highly interesting people, places, events, and objects throughout history including the present day. The site is not restricted to any particular time-frame and includes information from all over the World. I do not own the material, the website acts as a curator of the most interesting information available throughout the Internet and books. The site is filled with beautiful photographs, both current and vintage. Once you start looking through the site, sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip through Curious History.
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Cult of the Great Pumpkin

Cult of the Great Pumpkin
Cult of the Great Pumpkin Cult of the Great Pumpkin

In a world of insincerity, religious wars, corrupt corporations and politicians, The Great Pumpkin stands as a shining beacon of truth, sincerity and The True Meaning of Halloween. For generations, The Great Pumpkin has delivered us from the mundane, allowing us to enjoy a world steeped in The Spooky. We are the children of Charles Shultz, Charles Addams, Edward Gorey and Tim Burton. We pray to Saint Price, Saint Munster and Saint Beistle. We pay reverence every year to the Disney Apostles Ichabod and Chernobog. We love Halloween more than Christmas.

We are The Pumpkinauts, members of The Cult of The Great Pumpkin. If you’re reading this, you’re one of us, else you’d’ve never clicked the link that led you to these words. Accept it. You love Halloween. Sincerely.
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Doctor Monocle

Doctor Monocle
Doctor Monocle Doctor Monocle

Tomfoolery abounds! Spectacular moments of wonder with Doctor Monocle.

I started this blog as a place to keep reference material and artwork that influenced me/inspired me while I wrote the first Dr. Monocle book. It’s mainly steampunk stuff, but also includes dieselpunk (like steampunk for WWI and WWII), Victorian era stuff, weird west genre stuff, and, every once in a while, a bit of sci-fi or fantasy work.
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Cocktail Vultures

Cocktail Vultures

Cocktail Vultures is the online and sometimes in print and in person guide to drinking and making drinks the best way possible while having the most fun possible.
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