Nemo Mask Armchair

Nemo Armchair
Nemo Armchair Nemo Armchair

Fabio Novembre uses furniture design to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure. This human figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythic beauty as occurred in Greek art. So that Nemo, a face with classic features is hollowed out to create an inhabitable space. The result is a head-armchair to be lived from the inside. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant.

$1,620 @ Mobili Mobel
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Black Jar Follies

Black Jar Follies
Black Jar Follies Black Jar Follies

Introducing Halloweenery 2015: Series II. This year is brimming with desiccated demon seeds, deranged jack-o'-lanterns, secret phantoms and even trepanated human skulls.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, handmade, multi-dimensional art object, laboriously created with paper mache and clay. Water resistant and built to last, these ghastly ghoulies come with their own flickering LED ghost candles.
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Kostoom Arts

Kostoom Arts
Kostoom Arts Kostoom Arts

My name is Killbuck and I am a freelance artist, graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator and maker of custom Steampunk hats, costumes, accessories, specialized props and fabrications. I'm based out of the Reno, Carson City, Tahoe region. I invite you to browse my site, see my works, and to contact me regarding your interests and artistic needs.
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Esmeralda Animated Fortune Teller Machine

Esmeralda Animated Fortune Teller Machine
Esmeralda Animated Fortune Teller Machine Esmeralda Animated Fortune Teller Machine

Do not fear me gypsy. All I want from you is your tears...

Meet Esmeralda! For just a quarter, she will peer into your soul and tell your future... not bad huh?

Reminiscent of the old, electro-mechanical machines that once filled penny arcades during the early 20th century, this animated mechanical fortune teller, that I designed and hand crafted, is about 1/3rd the size of a full-sized machine yet operates exactly like the larger ones do including giving you a fortune card!

Constructed using all new high-quality materials, the miniature wooden cabinet is small enough that it fits practically anywhere. It measures just 2 feet tall (24"), 10" wide (18" wide lantern-to-lantern) and 12" deep. Once 25 cents is inserted into the coin push, little Esmeralda comes to life! (Psst... We bought it)

$2000 @ Starlite Amusements
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BonesArt BonesArt

My name is Andrew Bones. I'm a sculptor from Atlanta, Ga. My work currently consist of horror based pieces that hang on the wall, magnets and small bronze sculptures. I have always been fascinated by movie monsters, current and old. I am self taught, learned most of what I know about sculpture working in one of the biggest bronze art foundries in the south east for the last 10 years.
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