Home Haunter DVD Collection

Home Haunter DVD Collection An annual collection of videos of home haunts from all over the world put together by volunteers and provided to anyone who wants to view other peoples haunted homes. They are an endless source of inspiration and entertainment for home haunters. We encourage you to submit your haunt and purchase the collection. This project is kept alive by the efforts of fellow home haunters. www.hauntersvideos.com
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The Shadow Farm

The Shadow Farm
Embrace the strange, the odd, the unknown, and the difficult. Daydream of far-off worlds and grand stories. Create. Imagine. I have been an avid Halloween yard haunter for many years. As my hobby has grown, I have developed a taste for eccentric characters and deep backstories. I have learned a ton since I first decided to build my own scary stuff, and have attempted to take my building to a new artistic level with each new piece. theshadowfarm.blogspot.com
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Stiltbeast Studios

Stiltbeast Studios provides DIY and how to videos for haunted houses. The goal is to build a library of techniques for haunters to be able to reference.

Allen Hopps is an imaginative designer, actor, and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for the Haunted attraction industry. Well known for "thinking outside of the box", Allen is constantly looking outside of the Haunted attraction industry for products and techniques that can be adapted or remade to fit the need of Haunted attractions.

Be sure to explore their YouTube Channel.

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Hector Turner

Hector Turner
Spooky music echos down the street as weird lights play across moldering tombstones. Spider webs dangle from overhead trees ready to catch unwitting prey. Lightning flashes across the sky just as an unholy scream rends the night. Werewolves howl as other darker terrors lurk among the shadows. Trick-or-treaters beware! www.hectorturner.com/halloween
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