JenHell JenHell

JenHell is a Stockholm-based photographer, with background as an Art Director, graphical designer, illustrator, game designer and computer game artist.

JenHell shoots fashion, portraits, editorial, and artists. She specializes in the obscure, retro and alternative.
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Acid PopTart

Acid PopTart
Acid PopTart Acid PopTart

Guts. Glory. Glam. Comic book heroine of epic proportions from technicolour pages to punch you in the face. When I'm not flying around in spandex though I write, act and model.
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Meg Murrderher (22 Images)

Meg Murrderher
Meg Murrderher Meg Murrderher

Blogger. Costumer. Crafter. Opinionated Horror Fan (to say the least).

In real life I wear a suit to work. In my weekend life I gleefully indulge in my hobbies which include family time, horror, crafting, comics, gaming, costuming and conventions. I also do a lot of charity work with kids utilizing my costumes. I don't model professionally. I'm not a cosplay super star. I'm just a chick who enjoys her free time and I rarely take anything seriously. I love star trek, sci-fi, and most of all horror movies. Bruce Campbell? My personal demi-god. I blog about horror. I sew costumes, I wear costumes. Make believe is 1/4 of my soul. I'm a horrible poet - excellent movie quoter, everyone's Rosetta stone, and will own you all in a came of MTG.

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Topher Adam

Topher Adam
Topher Adam Topher Adam

I am an artist in the truest sense of the word. I spend each day dedicating all of my effort to creating a world from my own trials and tribulations. I see the world with a personal, darker point-of-view and love taking my work, and viewers, to unfamiliar places that are ever so close. Oh! Yeah! It’s also true - You don’t have to fight and struggle become a starving artist! As an artist, in the end, I ‘do what I do’ for the sake of expressing my heart and mind, fully!
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I Will Pray
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