Elias Chatzoudis

Elias Chatzoudis
Elias Chatzoudis Elias Chatzoudis

I was born in December, 1982, in Greece or, to be more specific, in Athens. In 2000, I studied web and graphic design at a private educational institution. It was there that I first learned about image processing and design programs. After I completed my military service in 2003, I took classes on how to build web pages using the flash program. I then found a job with a creative advertising agency called Zip Studio where I would work for several years.

Working there gave me the opportunity to further develop my skills as an illustrator since I was creating illustrated e-cards everyday. While I was working there, I also collaborated with some Greek, European and American magazines like FREE, MAXIM, MAX, ENNEA, SPORTY JR, WOW, GRAFISTAS&WEB DESIGN, SQUARE, ART SCENE INTERNATIONAL and others as well as with various advertising companies like Fortune S.A., ARC Worldwide, Vivartia, Goody's, Trends International, Pegasus Publishing S.A., Blue Gryphon Comics, Zenescope Entertainment and others as an illustrator.

I’ve been publishing two books “Digital Divas” & “Whoops! The Art of Elias Chatzoudis” by Sticker Chick.

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Celeste Giuliano

Celeste Giuliano
Celeste Giuliano Celeste Giuliano

World Renowned Vintage Styled Photographer

With a BFA in Photography, over 10 years experience as a photojournalist and a lifelong passion for retro pin-ups, Celeste Giuliano first offered the unique idea of vintage-styled portrait photography in 2005. Her business, Celeste Giuliano Photography, located in Philadelphia, PA was an immediate success and was featured in multiple publications and on television. Since then, she has become a pioneer in the new wave of pin-up artists and her studio has been recognized worldwide as a leader in vintage-styled portraits.

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SGH Photo Art

SGH Photo Art
SGH PhotoArt SGH PhotoArt

I love the Cosplay because it gives you so much more to be creative with and the Cosplay people are super cool. They have such great costumes and I try to get them in action scenes. So that is what I try to do. No matter what the costume, I will build the scene. Come up with something crazy and we'll do it.

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Kinky Horror

Kinky Horror
Kinky Horror Kinky Horror

"What the Heck is Kinky Horror?"

I knew for sure was that I LOVED horror, and that I wanted to do something horror-iffic to share my love and excitement for the genre. I tried making this a straight up news site, but that proved no good because there are already 1,000,000 sites that cover that sort of thing better than I could ever begin to. I tried doing JUST You Tube-esque vids, but they all just seemed like really bad Elvira rip offs (all glory to the Mistress of the Dark!.

So, I figured, I don’t have to be no stinkin’ “beauty queen” to do any of that stuff. I have this lovely site sitting here waiting to be used, an intense passion to tell folks about all the horror-related stuff that makes me cream my panties, and a willingness to lose those panties at any time for the sake of entertaining the masses.

Without further ado (hopefully), I present you with a Kinky Horror site that is near and dear to my cold, black heart :) You may not agree with all of my opinions (not everyone thinks Prom Night 2 is the Citizen Kane of horror, I know), but my goal is to arouse you with my bewbs enthusiasm, so you’ll want to join me in my plight to keep Halloween alive 3-6-5, Alice Cooper Style!

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My work as an illustrator includes a variety of genre such as magazine artwork, DVD cover art, apparel and clothing art, and manga illustrations. I mix Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs.

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Britt Dietz (15 Images)

Britt Dietz - Britt Dietz
Britt Dietz Britt Dietz

The Petty Project started out as an idea to recreate all of the late George Petty’s famous airbrushed Petty Girls from the1940s and 1950s through photography and photoshop. Using real models in a photography studio, the famous artwork Petty created launching the golden age of Pinups would be recreated in painstaking detail as close as possible to the original. While most of the times the Petty Girls are in impossible real world poses and their proportions not entirely correct for a normal human being, the use of photoshop would bring these photos closer to how the Petty Girl looks while still keeping the real world natural shape if at all possible. Finally, using various photoshop tools, the finish photo would be converted to look like the classic Petty airbrushed style to hopefully closely mimic the original Petty Girl piece. The purpose of this project is to give homage to one of the greatest classic Pinup Artists of all time who’ve been lost to current generations who are bombarded with the works of Vargas and Olivia which closely follow the style of Playboy.

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Martin Abel

Martin Abel
Martin Abel Martin Abel

Martin Abel has been working professionally for the last 11 years creating Pinup Art, Magazine illustrations, Advertising Illustrations, children’s books and Comic Book Art to name a few!

His work has been in various magazines such as; a long run creating colourful editorial illustrations for the American version of – Official Xbox Magazine, Maximum PC, Ralph, Picture Premium, Metal Hammer magazine and comic books and cover art for Viper Comics, Devils Due and Zenescope Entertainment.

He also does commercial client work through his agency, The Jacky Winter Group, providing Martin with a range of interesting challenges including storyboards and advertising illustrations. (Some of the companies Martin has worked for are; Telstra, ANZ, HoleProof Socks, Players Tobacco, Yellow Pages, Gillette, OPSM, Alinta Energy and Australia Post!)

However, Martin is mostly known for his captivating Pinup Art where he combines the beauty of the female form with dark themes and symbolic mythology.

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