Raxfox Design

Raxfox Design
Raxfox Design Raxfox Design

For a decade, we deal professionally with the subject furniture design. This passion led in 2011 to the establishment of Raxfox. Since we offer our customers handmade furniture with an individual note. Our company has developed since our launch healthy and has grown well. From initially just a few dance wardrobes, a large collection has now become, which offers something for everyone, standing on curved and gorgeous furniture. From a small cabinet to complete loading exhibition you can get from us everything you want. Here, you can choose from our various product lines or you can realize in close consultation with us your product presentations. We produce dreamy fairytale furniture in the cottages, rustic style with our offer, for example, can even extend to the Dark Wonderland line. We want to enchant you. Our furniture is to open your doors to a whole new world of dreams and inspire your imagination in your own home. Our products holds any amount of attention to detail. From the initial design to the finished piece of furniture, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and are made with passion and craftsmanship. And if you want to make you a very personal impression of our product range, then you have to fairs, scene relevant pop-up stores or of course here on our website the opportunity. We deliver our curved Wohnträume throughout Europe and supply customers in the US and Canada.

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Mago’s Magic Shoppe

Mago's Magic Shoppe
Mago's Magic Shoppe Mago's Magic Shoppe

Come in... sit down... have a look around! We are Mago's Magic Shoppe, Oddities & Curios. We like to call ourselves Purveyors of the Weird and Wonderful. We offer custom magic tricks and supplies, our own odd and curious creations, funk-adelic vintage groovy-ware, and antique delights. Allow us to introduce ourselves -- Max Mago, magician extraordinaire, and Kris Hipps, artiste and collector of oddities and curiosities, both out of Denver, CO -- the wild and wooly west. Enjoy our wares!

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Black Sails Clothing Co.

Black Sails Clothing Co.
The Black Sails Clothing Co. The Black Sails Clothing Co.

Black Sails started in a bedroom in Leeds, UK on July 1st 2013 with nothing more than £100 and a handful of (pretty bad) designs. What initially started out as 20 t-shirts paid for out of an overdraft has since evolved into a full scale operation selling clothing, accessories and a whole range of weird and wonderful items to thousands of dedicated customers from all 4 corners of the globe.

Our designs are simple and honest, with a nod to the occult and incorporating our love of tattoo art, free-thinking and tongue in cheek humour. We don't follow trends or make things for people who want to 'fit in'. We're happy to stand out from the crowd and make clothes and accessories that we're truly proud of.

We're just a small group of friends who make clothes, drink coffee, party a little too much and a have a lot of fun doing it. And we're inviting you to join us...


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Motion Picture FX Company

Motion Picture FX Company

Want to make a MONSTER? We have the Supplies!

Los Angeles' largest special effects supply house. We take pride in the fact that we not only sell the best products in the industry but we know how to use them. Our goal is to provide you with the products you need to get the results you are looking for.

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