Kostoom Arts

Kostoom Arts
Kostoom Arts Kostoom Arts

My name is Killbuck and I am a freelance artist, graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator and maker of custom Steampunk hats, costumes, accessories, specialized props and fabrications. I'm based out of the Reno, Carson City, Tahoe region. I invite you to browse my site, see my works, and to contact me regarding your interests and artistic needs.

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Mental Floss Sideshow

Mental Floss Sideshow
Mental Floss Sideshow Mental Floss Sideshow

Mental Floss Sideshow brings the charm and mystery of an old fashioned circus sideshow to all occasions. With hilarious spectacles & interactive entertainments we create opportunities which promote curiosity & wonder. Inspired by Victorian-era Sideshow, our work includes live performance, storytelling & eccentric exhibitions.

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Circus Museum

Circus Museum
Circus Museum Circus Museum

The ultimate image bank with posters, photos and prints from the collection of Jaap Best, the Netherlands’ largest collection of circus memorabilia. For your enjoyment, our online show, now has nearly eight thousand circus posters from 1880 to the present, from the Netherlands to America, from A2 format to several square metres. At the heart of the collection, and dating from 1880-1930, are nearly 3,500 colour lithographs by the Hamburg printer Adolph Friedländer. This year alone we have added 7,000 circus photos and picture postcards. Our sophisticated search engine has hundreds of headwords – not just for acts and artistes, and for owners and individual circuses, but also for fairs, variety shows and the theatre.

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Wanderlust Circus

Wanderlust Circus
Wanderlust Circus Wanderlust Circus

The ways of the Circus are older than the nightclubs, older than the banks, older than the cities. These most ancient of performative traditions have always existed just slightly to the left of the Mundane World. Now, at the first flickering of the 21st Century, our piebald clan is once again shedding its skin and remaking itself in the funhouse mirror image of The Second Great Depression.

To aid and abet this latest glorious rebirth, Wanderlust has established itself as the premiere circus operation in The City of Roses, helmed by Noah Mickens and Nick “The Creature” Harbar, and drawing from a roster of performers, designers and technicians from all the greatest shows on earth. Acrobats, aerialists, hand balancers, stilt dancers, trick ropers, jugglers and jazz-bos, crooners and clowns – these arts are our chosen creed, our map through the wilderness.

Ours is a story of an immortal carnie family blessed and cursed to live forever on the endless road that runs between all ports of call, past every sight and across every barrier. The logic of dreams pervades the spaces between the action onstage and the lives of the characters backstage, and from those artifices to the True World of performer and audience.

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Circuses and Sideshows

Circuses and Sideshows
Circuses and Sideshows Circuses and Sideshows

Preserving the history of the American circus, it's people, stories and traditions.

When patrons go to a circus they come away with visions of performers, spangles, spotlights, and the smell of popcorn, but there is much more to a circus. There are people. People from many backgrounds, nations, religions, and customs. We are a multi-cultural society all working together to put on a circus performance.

Think about the many skills necessary to move a circus. It takes managers, performers, musicians, concessionaires, mechanics, electricians, welders, wardrobe makers, cooks and the list goes on and on.

This web site is intended to be about Circus People, the people that for many generations have made the circus an American tradition. The individuals and families who have devoted their lives to the circus.

On this site we will attempt to introduce you to these people. You will learn about the acts they did, the circuses and sideshows they operated, the triumphs they achieved and the hardships and tragedy they endured.

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Coney Island Brewing Co.

Coney Island Brewing Co.
Coney Island Brewing Co. Coney Island Brewing Co.

With spinning thrills, games of skill, treats on the boardwalk, the Atlantic ocean and the horizon beyond, Coney Island is the end of the earth; the place where dreamers come together to share in the best moments, the high hills of the roller coaster ride called life. Coney Island Brewing Company brews craft beer that captures the spirit, flavor and romance that is Coney Island.

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Kersey Valley’s Dark Circus

Kersey Valley’s Dark Circus

Welcome to the freak show! Kersey Valley’s Dark Circus is North Carolina’s premier adult Halloween party! Hit the scene dressed in costume or come just as you are. Hellzapoppin returns to the Dark Circus bringing the best side show entertainers in the industry. It’s a show you don’t want to miss! Dance the night away in one of our clubs while DJ’s spin tracks into the early morning hours. Relax and socialize in our lounge, stop by the body painting booth and take your chances at the spanking booth. Wander through the Hallway of Illusions, take in the sights in the Museum of Oddities and capture the magic in Photo-Op-Alley. Grab a drink or three and let your inner freak out! There’s so much more to discover at Kersey Valley’s Dark Circus!

October 25-26, 2013 / Adults: $15 Get Tickets
Archdale, North Carolina View Map

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Carnival Diablo

Carnival Diablo

The shocking hellish horror attractions of the Carnival Diablo freak side show has over 20 astounding feats performed by the greatest human marvels in circus sideshow history, the bizarre, outrageous and the miraculous steeped in the Victorian mysticism of the 19th century.

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