The Ghouligans

The Ghouligans
The Ghouligans The Ghouligans

Have you been ravenous for programs that are geared more towards your sick sensibilities?! Have you been "fiending" for horror and comedy so fun that it makes you want to scream?!! Well dig no further than The Ghouligans!

These fun party monsters exist purely to bring on the death of life sucking reality shows and brain numbing infomercials. The Ghouligans! follows the adventures of Boris Stein the monstrous Frankenstein Construct, Wolfgang W. Wolfgang the Likable Lycanthrope, and Void King of the Slow Zombies! Joined by a cadre of your favorite cult cretins including Vampires, Sea Creatures, Luchadores and sexy Go-Go Girls.

Artwork by Brian Maze. theghouligans

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Haunters – The Movie

Haunters Haunters

HAUNTERS is a feature documentary about the visionary entertainers, who sacrifice everything to create the most popular and notorious haunted attractions in America – including Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Delusion, Blackout, McKamey Manor and more.

Jon Schnitzer of The Brain Factory gained exclusive access behind-the-scenes and into the lives of many professional and home haunters, their families, the monsters and the fans who love them.

A life-long fan of Halloween and all-things horror, he was inspired to document the world of haunting as it both becomes increasingly more mainstream and spawns a whole new wave of truly interactive, and sometimes controversial “full-contact”, entertainment.
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The Shadow of Oz – A Tarot Deck

A full-color 78-card tarot deck based on the world of Oz, illustrated by some of the most talented comic book artists of our time. All of your old friends are here, from Dorothy and the Lion to the Nome King and Kiki Aru. Discover how these primal American fairy tale characters give us insight to the archetypal forces of the imagination. Discover also how your own stories, whether in fiction or "real life", can grow and improve when examined in the dark light of these titanic symbols.

For more information and to support the project, visit their Kickstarter Page.

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