The Dead End Hayride

The Dead End Hayride

We are Minnesota Fear!

Starting your adventure off with a bang is the Dead End Hayride. Take a ride into the far corners of Pinehaven farm to experience some of the many things that go on deep in the woods when night falls. The Dead End Hayride then drops you off at the gates of the Sunny Vale Asylum, and that is where the real terror starts.

The Departed Oaks Haunted Trail is home to the Sunnyvale Asylum and so much more. It houses the freaks and outcasts of the Dead End Hayride. With many different elments involved, it will be like nothing you have seen before. Be careful what you say and do too these creatures in the Departed Oaks Haunted Trail, you will have to share a small space with many of them and they do not take kind to strangers.

The Sunny Vale asylum located deep in the woods on Pinehaven farm is the newest sensory overload at the dead end hayride. The Asylum will attack you from every angle. Filled with forgotten patients just looking for their way out. Will they find what they are looking for in you?

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