The Mortuary

The Mortuary
The Mortuary The Mortuary

A short year ago, The MORTUARY was being used covertly as a test site by a Government disavowed Black Ops group. This group found that the mutated DNA of the supernatural creatures that call the Mortuary home could be used on test subjects (our guests) to create a super soldier. Vampyric fluids had been harvested and mutated to develop a super virus. Unknowingly, the virus killed the living and turned them into the undead. The virus quickly spread. There was no cure.

Outnumbered by the undead, the military was devastated. The Mortuary was quickly reclaimed by the vampyric hord.

Held up in the laboratory deep within the walls of The Mortuary with virtually no hope in sight, the military scientists that remained realized that there was one almost endless resource availableā€¦ the dead. In a last ditch effort to defend themselves, they began to experiment with mind control of a reanimated corpse through mechanical meansā€¦ ZCYBORG.

A Zcyborg or "undead cybernetic organism," is a being with both dead organic and biomechatronic parts, whose body contains mechanical or electrical devices and whose abilities are greater than the abilities of normal humans, even the undead. This actual process of evolving a corpse into a living Zcyborg is known as Nyctalopics.

With their first experimental success, the scientists took their creations to a most extreme state, protecting their creations with body armor and arming them with unimaginable weapons in place of their limbs. They are visibly humanoid but obviously mechanical. They have created an UNDEAD ARMY!

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