Tom Krohne

Tom Krohne
Tom Krohne Tom Krohne

Tom's journey in the wide world of art began at a young age when his father's drawings spurred him on to draw the same monsters he was watching on the television. Throughout his time in public school he received numerous art awards and was a contributing artist to the school literary magazine "The Bard". Tom graduated from duCret School of the Art with a Commercial Art Major and has since utilized his artistic and computer graphic skills within the publishing, advertising, package design and direct mail industries. His "Cereal Monsters" illustration has been used in numerous website articles on the General Mills Cereal characters and his Jersey Devil shirt designs have been continuously successful. His comic character "The Indescribable Watchamacallit" has proven to be a hit with the online community. Throughout his career has repeatedly prided himself on delivering the same care and attention to the client's needs regardless of the size and scope of the project.
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