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Zach Cohen

My work deals with the cultural icons I consumed as a child, through television and comic book magazines. This visual culture shaped my mind and style. Nevertheless, I always try to unite it with my love of figurative art. I use the codes I learned in order to create a fantastic yet familiar realm and to mark cultural anecdotes. The Pop orientation reflected in my work is clear, though I would say I try to create humorous colorful poems rather than just criticize. The result might appear satirical and challenging, but the illustrative description of the real object sources reflects a more personal point of view.


Zach Cohen - Frankie's


Zach Cohen - Frankenstein

Hot Rod

Zach Cohen - Hot Rod


Zach Cohen - Voodoo

Love to Death

Zach Cohen - Love to Death


Zach Cohen - Octopus


Zach Cohen - Bazoonker

King Kong

Zach Cohen - King Kong

Sisters of Battle

Zach Cohen - Sisters of Battle

The Sorceress

Zach Cohen - The Sorceress

The Strongest Man

Zach Cohen - The Strongest Man


Zach Cohen - Yamafomayahoo

Hey Sister

Zach Cohen - Hey Sister


Zach Cohen - Fakir

Paradise Lost

Zach Cohen - Paradise Lost

Ho You Circus Day

Zach Cohen - Ho You Circus Day

Red Samurai

Zach Cohen - Red Samurai
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