Alternative Movie Posters

Alternative Movie Posters
Alternative Movie Posters Alternative Movie Posters

We have a passion for movie posters, and we know there are many people out there that share that passion. Not only for the original, but also for the alternative. And so, we decided to create a place where all those amazing alternative film posters and their incredibly talented creators could showcase their efforts, gain recognition, meet collaborators, get inspired and even make money. With a little investment, and many weeks of hard graft, the very first Alternative Movie Posters was born in 2012.

With many hundreds of artists and thousands upon thousands of posters – with more being added daily from all over the world – AMP is by far the biggest and most well-established site for artists and lovers of alternative movie art anywhere in the world. And with a whole host of briefs available from Hollywood film and production companies, we also provide our community with a constant stream of incredible opportunities to showcase their talents to those at the very top of the film and TV industry.

Shown above are This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter by Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Dracula by Anthony Genuardi

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