Arturo Balseiro

Arturo Balseiro
Arturo Balseiro Arturo Balseiro

Known for his versatility and attention to detail, Arturo Balseiro has worked as a make up effects artist for more than 15 years: During this time, he developed the skills to create amazing creatures using makeup special fx. He has translated real life techniques such as sculpture and painting for use in digital environments (zbrush 3, Maya). This infuses his designs, maquettes, and 3D models with a unique, life-like quality.

From simple pencil drawings to complex 3D models, Arturo's style allows the client to explore every possibility and make changes very quickly. These 3D models can be used by the client, but usually Arturo and his team create real maquettes (full bodies or heads) of the characters to show to the VFX team or for marketing.
In: Sculpture, Special FX
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