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Aryn Fox
Aryn Fox Aryn Fox

Aryn Fox has had a love for the arts since birth. She has always had an interest in a plethora of mediums, but her favorites include painting, sculpting, and photography. In later years Aryn began venturing into the world of extreme beauty and fx makeup. She started off doing makeup on herself and friends for events, personal photo shoots, and Halloween. 2010 was a big turning point in Aryn's artistic career. She completed her tattoo apprenticeship, attended the Midwest Haunters Convention as an official photographer, and began working for the Dent Schoolhouse as an actor and FX makeup artist. In 2011 she began work as a professional facepainter for various events and conventions. In 2012 to 2014 Aryn was featured as a bodypainter in MHC's body art fashion show along side Anne Collins, was a finalist in RAW artists Cincinnati's RAWards show 2012 and the RAWards winner for Cincinnati 2013 in the makeup category. Some of Aryn's work has been featured in Auxiliary, Dark Beauty, Freque, Gothesque, and Giuseppina Magazines. She currently works as a FX makeup artist for The Dent Schoolhouse, a face and body painter for B.A.M. FX, and as a tattooist for Love Thy Neighbor Tattoo.
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