Bats Blood Merlot

Bats Blood Merlot
Bats Blood Merlot Bats Blood Merlot

Bats Blood Merlot is the excitingly delicious creation of Angelika von Klein under the tutelage of her mysterious Master from the historical region of Transylvania. This rich, dark red wine intrigues on its own, but is even more exotic and compelling in its unique miniature black coffin gift packaging!

Appealing especially to consumers with an affinity to the gothic, the romantic, and possibly even the macabre, this wine entices both wine lovers and those new to wine who also have a dark thirst for adventure and fun, an appreciation of evening romance, and an awareness of history and folklore.

Bats Blood makes the ideal gift for followers of the vampire genre, goths, Halloween aficionados, fans of Dracula, Twilight and The Historian, and anyone who relishes horror, steampunk, even Batman tales. On a larger scale, it is also a terrific gift for a host to share at a dinner party. It is a perfect ice-breaker that is guaranteed to get the conversation and the wine flowing. Bats Blood is the ideal accompaniment to a costume ball and is a must-have at any party.
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