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Baub Alred
Baub Alred Baub Alred

I have an internal need to create. As far back as I can remember, I have been creating in way or another. Art stabilizes my life and internal demons, I don't feel that I could survive without a creative outlet.

I find inspiration in the macabre, metaphysical and horror history. I feel that this area is saved for the Halloween season, but think it should be celebrated and remembered throughout the year. I love the thought of what we don't see. Whether scientifically or spiritually, I believe there is something floating in the negative space.

We all have lived through bad times and struggle with our own relationship with the past and our religion. My art represents the fringe of old religion and beliefs with a modern twist. I see death, monsters, and ghosts in a romanticized way. While those themes are often dark and scary, I represent the blurred edge where the shadow meets the light.

While creating my art, I use aspects of fine arts, such as sculpting, painting, and photography. I just use them in the digital realm. I use as many as four different softwares to create each image.

My art means everything to me. I create a world where the impossible is possible, where the ugly and dark is beautiful. I love the invisible thread that runs through my art.
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