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The Petty Project started out as an idea to recreate all of the late George Petty’s famous airbrushed Petty Girls from the1940s and 1950s through photography and photoshop. Using real models in a photography studio, the famous artwork Petty created launching the golden age of Pinups would be recreated in painstaking detail as close as possible to the original. While most of the times the Petty Girls are in impossible real world poses and their proportions not entirely correct for a normal human being, the use of photoshop would bring these photos closer to how the Petty Girl looks while still keeping the real world natural shape if at all possible. Finally, using various photoshop tools, the finish photo would be converted to look like the classic Petty airbrushed style to hopefully closely mimic the original Petty Girl piece. The purpose of this project is to give homage to one of the greatest classic Pinup Artists of all time who’ve been lost to current generations who are bombarded with the works of Vargas and Olivia which closely follow the style of Playboy.

Happy Halloween!

Britt Dietz - Happy Halloween!

Playful Spooks

Britt Dietz - Playful Spooks

To the Moon!

Britt Dietz - To the Moon!

Welcome October!

Britt Dietz - Welcome October!

Miss Halloween 1944

Britt Dietz - Miss Halloween 1944

Witch's Den

Britt Dietz - Witch's Den

Deviously Delicious

Britt Dietz - Deviously Delicious

Pumpkin Carving

Britt Dietz - Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Time

Britt Dietz - Halloween Time

Spooky Forest

Britt Dietz - Spooky Forest

Happy Halloween!

Britt Dietz - Happy Halloween!

Ready for Halloween

Britt Dietz - Ready for Halloween

Midnight Witch

Britt Dietz - Midnight Witch


Britt Dietz - Pumpkin

Witch Flight!

Britt Dietz - Witch Flight!
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