Dracula Clothing

Dracula Clothing
Dracula Clothing Dracula Clothing

I started Dracula Clothing in 2007, I had walked around in Camden and didn't find anything I wanted. The few things that I liked were very expensive. I had traveled around in India and knew they have some tailors that are the best in the world. So I decided to make a shop that has tailor made clothes at a more reasonable price. One of the ways we keep the price down is by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer.

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Vlad the Impaler by Fabian Schlaga

Vlad the Impaler by Fabian Schlaga

This character is actually an internal property of Sideshow itself. Based on the historic character of Vlad the Impaler, but clearly with some creative liberties for the sake of effect. Although this is also the version with the Vampire face. There's an alternate version with a more human face, but it honestly doesn't make him any more charming.

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