Tom Spina Designs

Tom Spina Designs
Tom Spina Designs Tom Spina Designs

Tom Spina Designs, Inc. specializes in creating custom sculpture, mannequins, unique themed furniture and decor, and the restoration and display of film props and costumes.

Our artists have a wide range of talents and can offer everything from portrait sculpture, busts & masks to custom fabricated statues, signs, furniture, decor and theme props of all sizes or even entire themed rooms and home theaters.

From realistic wax museum style mannequins, to bronze busts, to giant carved foam characters or environments, TSD can help bring your vision to life.
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Raxfox Design

Raxfox Design
Raxfox Design Raxfox Design

For a decade, we deal professionally with the subject furniture design. This passion led in 2011 to the establishment of Raxfox. Since we offer our customers handmade furniture with an individual note. Our company has developed since our launch healthy and has grown well. From initially just a few dance wardrobes, a large collection has now become, which offers something for everyone, standing on curved and gorgeous furniture. From a small cabinet to complete loading exhibition you can get from us everything you want. Here, you can choose from our various product lines or you can realize in close consultation with us your product presentations. We produce dreamy fairytale furniture in the cottages, rustic style with our offer, for example, can even extend to the Dark Wonderland line. We want to enchant you. Our furniture is to open your doors to a whole new world of dreams and inspire your imagination in your own home. Our products holds any amount of attention to detail. From the initial design to the finished piece of furniture, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and are made with passion and craftsmanship. And if you want to make you a very personal impression of our product range, then you have to fairs, scene relevant pop-up stores or of course here on our website the opportunity. We deliver our curved Wohnträume throughout Europe and supply customers in the US and Canada.
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Nemo Mask Armchair

Nemo Armchair
Nemo Armchair Nemo Armchair

Fabio Novembre uses furniture design to tell intense and fascinating stories in which the protagonist is often the human figure. This human figure is capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythic beauty as occurred in Greek art. So that Nemo, a face with classic features is hollowed out to create an inhabitable space. The result is a head-armchair to be lived from the inside. Like a mask, it simultaneously conceals and reveals its inhabitant.

$1,620 @ Mobili Mobel
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Frankenstein Chair Repurposed

Frankenstein Chair Repurposed
Frankenstein Chair Repurposed Frankenstein Chair Repurposed

This vintage fireside chair has found new life as a cool art chair, but is still comfortable, and will make any room pop with originality. If you are looking for something different than what everyone else has in their living room, then you have come to the right place! This chair not only is different, but is comfortable and makes a statement at the same time. It is a one of a kind piece that was all hand painted with a cool frankenstein picture on the back and the curved arm rests just invite everyone to try it out. Can be the focal point of any room, as well as a photo prop, but works just fine being what it was designed for -- a chair to sit in! Just a cool chair is all......

We can do custom portraits or any character you may like, but it is limited to supply of chairs, that we may have on hand and style can vary as well.
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Human Bone Black Chandelier

Human Bone Black Chandelier
Human Bone Black Chandelier Human Bone Black Chandelier

The chandelier is comprised of 450 hand cast and machined pieces of hand-cast black polymer. The inner structure is made of brass and the piece is a working chandelier. The individual components are: humerus, femurs, skulls, spinal column, and pelvis. Measures 50" x 50" with an adjustable drop. Made by Mariano Chavez for Agent Gallery Chicago

$15,500.00 @ Etsy
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Industrial Artifacts

Industrial Artifacts
Industrial Artifacts Industrial Artifacts

We scour the old mills, railyards and factories of this country in search of unique pieces that helped in Americas industrial revolution.

We hunt with the sole purpose of finding attention grabbing items for your home, office or shop.

Industrial Artifacts is located in the Western Chicago land area. We deal exclusively in industrial and vintage lighting, seating, benches, tables and other found objects. We have a 20,000+ Sq. Ft. facility with new items arriving every day. Industrial Artifacts specializes in repurposing cast iron artifacts that have been abandoned or forgotten about since the industrial age, and turn them into one-of-a–kind pieces that are unique and attention grabbing. These vintage industrial pieces are functional and growing in popularity. With our repurposed vintage industrial lighting, primitives, chairs, workbenches, and other industrial curiosities, you too can bring a piece of the Industrial age into your home, office, loft, or shop.
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Little Nightmare Dancing Cabinet by Tanzschrank

Tanzschrank - Little Nightmare- Dancing Cabinet / Bookshelf
Tanzschrank - Little Nightmare- Dancing Cabinet / Bookshelf Tanzschrank - Little Nightmare- Dancing Cabinet / Bookshelf

Little Nightmare was created during a dark and stormy summer night. Our (slightly mad) scientist and professor made an experiment to make our furniture even more round and more playful, but it failed due to a big lightning flash hitting his laboratory. When the dust and smoke was gone, this little darkling was discovered in the wreckage of the laboratory. First he was wild and vicious, but our foxes gave him food and tamed him. Then on the last Halloween he was finally allowed to go out and see the (evening) light for the first time. And people loved and accepted him and now hes a fully member of our family.

It's made of hard birch plywood and around 65cm (25,6") high x 30cm (11,8") deep an 80cm (31,5") wide on top and 60cm (23,6) wide on foot

$481.61 @ Raxfox
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