Terry Wolfinger (19 Images)

Terry Wolfinger
Terry Wolfinger Terry Wolfinger

Terry Wolfinger, a California native, graduated from CalArts in 1989 with a BFA in Character Animation. After graduating he created animation for various rock video companies, then later became the cover artist for GameFan Magazine, creating over 100 unique covers. Terry has been a character concept artist for Stan Winston Studio and numerous video game and comic book companies. He has attended the Sebastian Kruger Workshop in Germany twice for painting.

Terry currently exhibits his new classic monster portrait paintings at Monsterpalooza and Halloweentown in Burbank, and has had exhibitions in Pasadena, LA, San Francisco and Chicago. He is also a frequent cover artist for Famous Monsters magazine. He makes his living as a freelance illustrator and fine artist, also accepting commissions.

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Meg Murrderher (22 Images)

Meg Murrderher
Meg Murrderher Meg Murrderher

Blogger. Costumer. Crafter. Opinionated Horror Fan (to say the least).

In real life I wear a suit to work. In my weekend life I gleefully indulge in my hobbies which include family time, horror, crafting, comics, gaming, costuming and conventions. I also do a lot of charity work with kids utilizing my costumes. I don't model professionally. I'm not a cosplay super star. I'm just a chick who enjoys her free time and I rarely take anything seriously. I love star trek, sci-fi, and most of all horror movies. Bruce Campbell? My personal demi-god. I blog about horror. I sew costumes, I wear costumes. Make believe is 1/4 of my soul. I'm a horrible poet - excellent movie quoter, everyone's Rosetta stone, and will own you all in a came of MTG.

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Christopher Franchi (15 Images)

Christopher Franchi
Christopher Franchi Christopher Franchi

Metaluna 5 Media has created some of the most memorable designs in pop culture over the past 2 decades.

We have created fan favorite designs for bands such as KISS, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, White Stripes, Juliette Lewis, The Beatles, Warrant, Tim McGraw, The Pink Spiders, Rob Zombie and many more. We have also created landmark designs for such entertainment properties as Superman, Batman, Star Trek, Bettie Page, Spawn, Peanuts, Evil Dead, Betty Boop and more.

Clients include Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Signatures Network (Live Nation Merchandising), King Features, DC Comics, Todd McFarlane Entertainment, National Hockey League and much more.

M5M received critical acclaim for revamping the KISS brand in 1994, sending merchandise sales soaring at concerts, retail shops and their official website.

Fans of these great properties have embraced M5M's work and created an underground swelling, supporting our work, and what more could we ask for?

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