Chambers of Horror

Chambers of Horror

Chambers of Horror redefines what a haunted attraction can be. We have all seen enough ghosts, vampires and zombies, Chambers of Horror brings a post apocalyptic steam punk edge to terrors that are waiting for you within the ruins of Torture co's laboratories.

Tired of the same old halloween haunted houses and ghost tours? Urban Horror Tours is now taking reservations for its fall tour schedule. We have taken you into condemned murder houses, haunted hospitals and beyond where the bravest dare explore. Now we are taking you one step further by leading you down into the ruins of what is believed to be legendary headquarters/crime scene of the Infamous TORTUREco.

Located in the Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta, the building was set ablaze in a raid on the property conducted by the FBI. Herr Scudder took a flame thrower to the facility horribly injuring and killing officers, victims and even some of their own.

However rumors through the underground are that a few members of this crime syndicated that were engaged in human trafficking and maniacal experiments have reportedly continued a tradition of experimenting on live human subjects that dates back to the second World War. All to rebuild an undead biomechanical army to get revenge for their fallen. An Army is rising from below the wreckage of the Southeast's most infamous adult's only Haunted attraction. Torture was just the beginning, the very fiber of the human race now is being twisted beyond the realms of perversion.Do you have the stomach to face it? Will you be the first to brave the underground heart of this Urban legend?

Guided by the team of experts seen on such shows as Haunt Hunters, you will be the first to set foot in this crime scene for over a year. The charred devices of torment have not been moved from the site. We'll go deep in the bowels of the underground of the building to see whats left and who or what may still be lurking about. Due to the sensitive nature of grim landmark tours will only be conducted at night. Urban legends have already begun to spread online that crazed survivors and creatures have been spotted eating out of dumpster in the early morning hours along North Avenue. So your guide will be armed to ensure your safety to the best our ability.

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