Creature Feature – The Greatest Show Unearthed

Queen of Halloween by Juliett Jadek

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls, step right up. Behind this curtain lies a ghastly concoction of delight, horror, fantasy, and terror...

Creature Feature is the deviant brain child of two sinister composers from Lost Angeles known only as Curtis Rx and Erik X. Formed on Halloween of all days, these two maniacal groundskeepers in the torture garden of auditory delight have taken it upon themselves to draw from their twisted childhoods and invent a band that becomes everything that frightened you as a child, a band that becomes Halloween 365 days a year, a band that forces you to remember why you used to sleep with the lights on and fear the bumps in the night.

Artwork "Queen of Halloween" by Juliett Jadek.
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I Will Pray
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