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Cris Delara

In 2002 I started working a freelance illustrator, painter and comic colourist for an American company. In 2006 I decided to work with something more attractive to my audience, a beautiful and special product that could be recognized as unique. And that was when I started to producing my real passion... my pinups.

Jolly Halloween 2008

Cris Delara - Jolly Halloween 2008

Red Hidding Hat

Cris Delara - Red Hidding Hat

Jolly Halloween 2013

Cris Delara - Jolly Halloween 2013

No Snow White No!

Cris Delara - No Snow White No!

Happy Halloween 2012

Cris Delara - Happy Halloween 2012


Cris Delara - Snack

Magician Pinup

Cris Delara - Magician Pinup


Cris Delara - Maleficent

Magical Halloween 2011

Cris Delara - Magical Halloween 2011

Zatanna Cover

Cris Delara - Zatanna Cover

Jolly Halloween 2009

Cris Delara - Jolly Halloween 2009

Snow White

Cris Delara - Snow White

Poison Ivy Pinup

Cris Delara - Poison Ivy Pinup


Cris Delara - Sailor

A Jolly Halloween

Cris Delara - A Jolly Halloween

Marie Antoinette's Revenge

Cris Delara - Marie Antoinette's Revenge

The Daughter-in-Law

Cris Delara - The Daughter-in-Law

Catwoman's Shower

Cris Delara - Catwoman's Shower

Tricking Spells

Cris Delara - Tricking Spells

Baby Vadar

Cris Delara - Baby Vadar

Bowling Girl Pinup

Cris Delara - Bowling Girl Pinup

La Vouyeuse

Cris Delara - La Vouyeuse

Harley & Joker

Cris Delara - Harley & Joker

Vampirella Perfum

Cris Delara - Vampirella Perfum

Portrait in Cartoon Style

Cris Delara - Portrait in Cartoon Style
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