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Demski Creations
Demski Creations Demski Creations

Veteran Film artist of 19 years, Brian Demski offers a variety of opportunities to express a particular vision. He has worked on films such as “Tomorrow You’re Gone”, “Battle LA” and “The Avengers”. He also has worked with Oscar Award Winning Make-up Effects Artist Joel Harlow, K.N.B. Effects Group, and Special Effects legends Wayne Toth and Tim "Gore" Larsen.

Demski Creations, located in Central Ohio, is a fully functional studio fabricating exclusive props and Hollywood creature special effects. Stunt weapons, full scale puppetry and custom fabricated costumes are produced with detailed attention. Anything you can imagine (and some you can’t) we can bring to you!

Trade shows have allowed Demski Creations to showcase their unique and twisted originals. They have fascinated crowds with disturbing creatures of skeletal,taxidermy beginnings and costumes.
In: Props, Special FX
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