Doctor Scream’s Spook Show Revival

Doctor Scream's Spook Show Revival

For decades, traveling "Ghost Masters" cris-crossed the country presenting an old-time spooky and funny evening of fun. Combining macabre comedy, magic, "live" ghosts, and a good classic horror film, the Spook Show was a unique theatrical genre nearly forgotten, until now...

Doctor Scream and his ghoulish gang of ghosts have recreated the classic Spook Show experience to bring this form of entertainment to new generations of audiences at theatres near you. Come join us if you dare!

Watch as Doctor Scream takes you on a hilarious and spooky journey of magic, comedy, and mirth. Scream out loud as you see ghosts and spirits materialize, fly over your head, and vanish into thin air! Then lean into your date and watch a classic horror film like "Night of the Living Dead" or" House on Haunted Hill"!
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